Bu Research Chronicle Research Socially-Adaptive Cloud gets the 3 Bs

Socially-Adaptive Cloud gets the 3 Bs

This project creates a community of interest which involves the computing groups of University of Brasilia (Dr. Genaína Rodrigues), University of Birmingham (Dr. Rami Bahsoon), and Bournemouth University (Dr. Raian Ali and Prof. Keith Phalp). The three groups are focused on Software Engineering research and this project involves exchange visits and the establishment of joint work. BBB co-operatively initiates a timely thread of research on “Socially-Adaptive Cloud SaaS”. We are investigating core engineering foundations required to enable end-users to formulate Software-as-a-Service adaptation decisions at runtime. This focuses on the collection of users’ feedback about the quality of SaaS which could be used by the SaaS to adapt autonomously.

BBB welcomes any potential collaboration with interested academic and industrial institutes to exchange knowledge and join us to work in this area.

The project is funded by the The Fusion Investment Fund Staff Mobility & Networking (SMN) Strand of Bournemouth University.