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KTP associate attends conferences to promote her research

Dr Celia Beckett, Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) research associate at BU and Five Rivers Child Care Ltd attended the KTP Associates’ Conference at Brighton University on 13th June. She presented a paper on the pilot stage of…Read More

Burdett Trust for Nursing Grant

Dr Jane Murphy and Joanne Holmes from the School of Health & Social Care, working in collaboration with representatives from local council (Partners in Care), the Local Enterprise Partnership, local and national care home organisations have won significant grant income from the Burdett Trust for…Read More

Business School and Media School academics bond on road trip to visit Argos!

On the hottest day of the year so far, academics from the Media School and Business School piled into an alarmingly small people carrier (thank goodness for air conditioning!) and set off on a road trip to visit the well-known high street retailer Argos in Milton Keynes. The purpose…Read More

New submission to eBU

Professor of Financial Economics, and Deputy Dean for Research in the Business School, Andy Mullineux has submitted a paper to eBU titled ‘Banking for the Public Good’. The abstract is as follows: Bank shareholders cannot be expected to provide good…Read More

The brand spanking new Business Services & Regional Engagement microsite is launched!

I am delighted to announce that our new microsite promoting our Business Services and Regional Engagement initiatives is live! Our new user-friendly platform promotes our…Read More

Latest Major Funding Opportunities

The following opportunities have been announced. Please follow the links for more information: The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), Engineering and Physical Science Research Council…Read More

HEFCE grants tied to research integrity

The Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE) recently announced that all UK research institutions must comply with the Concordat to Support Research Integrity in order to be eligible for grants. HEFCE stated…Read More

BU Academics chosen as Finalists for The Organization Collection’s 2012 International Award for Excellence

“The Barriers that Hinder Rapid Prototyping Deployment within Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Which Should Come First?” was one the ten highest-ranked papers emerging from the 2012 Organization…Read More

Research Professional

Every BU academic has a Research Professional account which delivers weekly emails detailing funding opportunities in their broad subject area. To really make the most of your Research Professional…Read More

ISBE Upcoming Events

The purpose of this second seminar within the ISBE SME Growth SIG series is to delve deeper into the ways in which a multi-disciplinary (public/private sector) approach to sustainable SME growth and…Read More

BFX – The Competition update

The BFX Competition is on now!
Following our Fusion-funded trips across the country to publicise the event we now have ten teams (54 individuals) are living on…Read More

Burdett Trust for Nursing Grant: Humanising Services: A new transferable leadership strategy for improving ‘what matters to older people’ to enhance dignity in care

In collaboration with Bournemouth University, Professor Kathleen Galvin of the Faculty of Health and Social Care, University of Hull has been successful in attracting a grant from the Burdett Trust for Nursing to apply a new theoretical framework for…Read More

Latest Major Funding Opportunities

he following opportunities have been announced. Please follow the links for more information: The BBSRC David Phillips Fellowship supports scientists who have demonstrated high potential and who wish to establish themselves as independent researchers…Read More

Dutch student builds on Rufus Stone with project on LGBT teens

A student from the Netherlands, Coco Sips, has spent time recently in Bournemouth and Dorset learning about LGBT teens and particularly those isolated in rural settings. Her study had resonance with the film…Read More

AHRC- New funding awarded

The Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management (CIPPM) received a grant from AHRC to carry out a two-year research project on “Evolution in music publishing: economic strategies, business models and copyright”. A team of researchers coordinated by…Read More

Mike Baker Doctoral Programme is now open!

The Mike Baker Doctoral Programme is now open and has a deadline of 23 September 2013. Funding is available for the full costs of one PhD studentship (or 50% of the costs of two…Read More

Canada-UK Collaboration Development Award (CDA) Programme Funding Available

The 2013 Canada-UK Collaboration Development Award (CDA) Programme is open for applications to academic and industrial science and innovation experts in the UK and Canada. Ideal outcomes include…Read More