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REF2014 module on BRIAN

With the preparation for the BU REF Spring 2013 Full Mock Exercise in full swing, the deadline for nominating your Research Outputs on the REF2014 module on BRIAN is looming up. In a previous blog post, we shared with you the official guidance document on making your NRO (nominated research output) selection. The REF2014 module […]

Fusion supports new collaborative research project about the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

“Hello, hello, band from Ipanema – big hug! Hello, hello, girl from the favela – big hug!”. These are the lyrics of ‘Aquele Abraço’ (That Embrace), an iconic song in the samba genre performed at the closing ceremony of London 2012 to mark the transition for the Rio 2016 Olympics. The song celebrates all the […]

Socially-Adaptive Cloud gets the 3 Bs

This project creates a community of interest which involves the computing groups of University of Brasilia (Dr. Genaína Rodrigues), University of Birmingham (Dr. Rami Bahsoon), and Bournemouth University (Dr. Raian Ali and Prof. Keith Phalp). The three groups are focused on Software Engineering research and this project involves exchange visits and the establishment of joint […]

The Research Apprenticeship Summer Scheme, networking and ‘brain drain’

Dr Sarah Bate, Professor Sine McDougall and I were recently awarded money to expand our previous efforts to give second year undergraduate students the opportunity to experience life as full-time researchers. Run for 8 weeks last summer for the first time, the selected students applied for and won the opportunity to work closely with a […]

Kip Jones interviewed by LSE’s Impact blog

London School of Economics’ “Impact of Social Sciences” weblog has just published a five-minute interview with HSC and the Media School’s Kip Jones. Mark Carrigan, Managing Editor of the British Politics and Policy blog talked with Jones for a piece entitled, “5 Minutes with Kip Jones: “we engage in the creative process and open new […]

Are you making the most of your RKEO?

We in the Research & Knowledge Exchange Office (RKEO) have extensive experience and qualifications that you can really utilise to help you with your own research career…and we’re an interesting lot too, so if you don’t know us already get in touch to come and say hello. To give you a snippet of our the […]

Training course on agent-based modelling techniques

Have you ever heard of agent based models, and wondered what they are? Have you perhaps been dazzled by computer simulations of flocking birds or shoals of fish, and wondered how they are produced? Or perhaps you enjoy computer games involving interacting individuals, such as the magnificent Fifa13. If so, you might be interested in […]

Working with the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Themis Foundation in Andorra. School of Tourism’s Adele Ladkin on her FIF Staff Mobility Funding

In September of last year, Professor Adele Ladkin received funding from the FIF staff mobility strand to undertake two visits to the UNWTO.Themis Foundation Headquarters in Andorra. As part of its Capacity Building Programme, UNWTO.Themis provides educational courses for tourism industry experts. Due to the demand for different topics, subject experts from the tourism industry […]

BRIAN – Improve your search settings

I’ve attended a number of BRIAN workshops recently and a common theme has emerged – BRIAN doesn’t find all of your publications available on the on-line data sources that it searches. In investigating this further with individuals it became obvious that not all of you have optimised your search settings. This is quick and easy […]


A while back, we posted a really useful blog on the frequently asked questions about the Research Excellence Framework (REF2014) national assessment, in particular within the context of Bournemouth University (please click on ‘BU REF FAQs’ for the post). Not much has changed since then except that preparations are now in full swing for the […]